Power Rangers Ninja Storm (Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger) PSX for PC - Download

Download Link - Click SLOW for free: hishort.com Emulator: hishort.com (ePSXe v1.6.0 - old version recommended) If it runs to fast then press '9' once to slow it down ============================================ Power Rangers Ninja Storm (Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger) ============================================ Genre: 3D Fighting Developer: Bandai Game Publisher: Bandai Release Date: 28.11.2002 Language: Japanese This is probably the best Power Rangers game for PlayStation. It's very hard to find it so I decided to share it with all the fans of Super Sentai and Power Rangers Also Download Wild Force (Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger): hishort.com Tags: Power Rangers Ninja Storm PSX Super Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger Harikenger PlayStation Mighty Morphin Zeo Turbo Lost Galaxy Lightspeed Rescue Wild Force Dino Thunder Space Patrol Delta Mystic Force Operation Overdrive Jungle Fury RPM Samurai 2011 free PC game DOWNLOAD RistaR87