Super Street Fighter IV MUGEN (Hi-Res) with download

DOWNLOAD: NOTE: Download both parts (1 and 2).Then use WinRar to extract part 1 and you will get the whole game (part 2 will extract automatically) Subscribe to my Backup Channel: and join me on Facebook: ============================== SSFIV MUGEN (Hi-Res) by RistaR87 ============================== This game contains 35 characters (33 from Street Fighter, 1 from Final Fight and 1 from TEKKEN) and 45 stages (most of them in Hi-Res). I HAVEN'T MADE THOSE CHARACTERS (except Seth) AND STAGES. I ONLY GATHER THEM ALL, FIXED WHAT I MUST, BALANCED THEM AND PLACED THEM IN MY OWN MADE SCREENPACK If you want to play it on Full Screen press Alt+Enter In this version there are 4 additional characters: Seth by me (RistaR87), Evil Ryu by Vyn, Oni Akuma by Etalking and Haggar by Acey. There are also few new Hi-Res stages. All SF characters (except Yun, Yang, Evil Ryu and Oni) have their SSF4 Endings. I was a bit inspired by 'Street Fighter X Tekken' (for PS3/Xbox360) so I added Kazuya to this game as a hidden character. Seth is still a beta version. I decided to stop working on this characters but that is not the last of him. I asked Alexlexus to make him somehow better, to add some of his original techniques (form the game) and fix few more things. He accepted my Seth and promised that he will do his best to make a great character out of it. It's all in his hands now ^^ ================== MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO ================== SUPER <b>...</b>