Winx Club (PS2) - some menu and trigger glitches

Including both highly useful and useless tricks. Again played and discovered with Kazooie. I: re-visiting Red Fountain proved to be a bad idea. Bloom got stuck in this glitchy fade-in loop, which might be the result of skipping the cutscene here the first time around. Now the game tries to start it when the data and other characters aren't there. II: this is a pretty cool trick that allows more OOB-locations everywhere around the game. Basically, run towards a loading trigger for the next area and tap Start-menu. With luck you sort of disable the loading triggers and can walk past them to out of bounds (when the level doesn't end in a dead end, at least). This state lasts indefinitely, but for example loading screens end it. III: pressing Start and activating save-menu at the same time causes this menu glitch. It can lead to a black-out (and the BMG also stops), but this state ends by just re-visiting Start-menu or changing screen. IV: same thing with a tutorial-prompt. Not very useful... V: now this is an interesting one. Hit a fade-out trigger that leads to a cutscene and load the game. The cutscene begins with lacking data back at the previous save point. VI: In the second example doing this causes the boss FMV to play way early, and the entire boss fight becomes glitched! Nothing seems to be in the boss arena, but once you examine the sparkling thing, you hear a roar and get bombarded with icicles. The game effectively becomes unwinnable this way. You can't harm the <b>..