Winx Club (PS2) - the nirvana glitch

The metaphysical implications this footage gives of the world of Winx Club are staggering. It seems that if you die at a wrong time (in a cutscene), Bloom gets stuck in the mid-way point between the physical world and a sort of pink nirvana where annoyingly happy music never stops playing. The game gets occasional strange lag and playing continues behind the menu screens. Loading a save made in this screen resolves the glitch peacefully, but anything else has bad results. New game freezes or resets the game. Options-menu causes different graphical anomalies (some of which are admittedly pretty cool looking)! Somehow while wandering around in this mode, Bloom sank inside the ground. Wonder what's up with that... Another variation of this glitch was that the main menu doesn't even show up, everything's just pink and pretty in the horizon. I wonder, is this heaven or hell?